Who Is Ben Carson's Success?

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The measurement of Ben Carson's success, as a doctor, cannot equate to any dollar amount he receives. To Carson, his success lies within each of his patients and their healthy recoveries. In the movie Gifted Hands, Carson's personality, in conjunction with all the factors that create it, awakens his profound talent and therefore leads him to his success. The guidance and support Bennie receives from his mother, how he handles adversity, and also his deep interest in the scientific field characterize these factors that compose his persona. With these attributes, Ben Carson develops into one of the most well renowned doctors. Sonya Carson, the mother of Ben Carson, plays a vital role throughout the movie in concern to the success of her son.…show more content…
She focuses in on making sure her sons understand how to not allow their misfortunes to impede them from accomplishing what they dream to achieve in life. With that she tells them, "You just got to see beyond what you can see." Though Mrs. Carson does not possess much financially, she still does her best with raising her sons. Her decisions as a parent also help Ben with his future success, because even with her containing very little money to store away, she still puts away any little extra earnings into a cookie jar. She does this in hopes to one day move back into their old home. However, when she sees that Ben continues to experience trouble with reading, which in turn negatively affects his grades, she uses some of the money from the cookie jar to take him to the eye doctor and buy him glasses. With doing that, Ben's grades improve slightly. It is not until Mrs.Carson starts her new job working for an intelligent, old…show more content…
She comes to the conclusion that they watch too much television, and they do not read enough. So, she forces them to go to the library and write two weekly book reports, another parental decision that greatly affects Bennie. From one of the books that Bennie reads at the library, he discovers that his interests lie in the sciences. After this, Ben's grades skyrocket, sending him to the top of his class. Aside from Mrs. Carson consistantly directing her sons down the right path, she also always acts like a role model for them. However, she only completed school up to the third grade and with her children growing up and school getting tougher, they begin to surpass her academically. Ben and Curtis remain completely unaware that she cannot read, consequently formulating an issue for Mrs. Carson, because she cannot help them with their homework, yet she cannot tell them why. She asks the old man from her job to tutor her with reading so she can always help her children when they need it. In addition to her efforts, she never lets Ben or Curtis know of her dark emotions towards her troublesome past. She shelters her

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