Personal Narrative: My Experience With Learning Disability

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How many times does it take you to understand a sentence you’ve read? All my life I’ve had to work harder than most in school. I would be in class reading and not remember a thing I read. I would have to read questions numerous times to understand what it's really asking. It took me double the time to complete an assignment compared to the kids around me. This was normal to me. In third grade I found out I had a learning disability. I was pulled out of class multiple times for them to test me. I remember they had me put together puzzles and read back sentences to the teacher.I was very young at the time, so I didn’t quite understand why I had to do this. In junior high when it was time for language arts I would leave my classroom and go to another one that would give me extra help on my reading and writing. At the time I was around thirteen and to me it was embarrassing because I thought I was stupid. Whenever I got a question wrong or made a mistake I would beat myself up about it. Throughout junior high I was shy and hated school because of this. It really bothered me because I felt like I was missing out on everything in the regular classes. I would always try and rush to get…show more content…
Although I was scared about the next four years I knew I could accomplish it by working extra hard. My junior year of high school I started the Bridge Year Program. This is something I would never think that I could do because of my disability. I was a little below average student when I started. Bridge has pushed me harder to find my strengths and weaknesses. Something that separates me from other students going into college is, that I know what I’m going into. I’ve done the work and know exactly what I have to do to accomplish my work. I’m proud to say that I’ve grown a lot throughout high school and I’m eager to see what college has in store for

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