Discrimination Against LGBT

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Title: Like Walking Through a Hailstorm: A Discrimination against LGBT Thesis: The Perception of People on LGBT Rights affects their way of living. Sexuality has always been a worldwide issue that a lot of people seem to have find debatable. What really is sexuality? Sexuality is the sexual habits and desires of a person. Some are born with the gift of manhood but choose to look the other way. Some are born with the gift of womanhood but choose to look the other way as well. These people have always been misunderstood by society yet there are those who have grown a wise heart to create such a movement that clarifies their rights as human beings in this world. This is what is known as the LGBT rights. Schools can be difficult environments for…show more content…
While there is no single individual LGBT organization, there are numerous LGBT groups worldwide focused on the effort. Many different issues, such as same-sex marriage, have come to symbolize LGBT rights in recent years. The primary focus of this research is to introduce the reader to the harsh reality of this LGBT issue in the Philippines. Note that the LGBT community remains as one of the country's minority sectors today. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people often face disadvantages in getting hired for jobs, acquiring rights for civil marriage, and even in starting up personal businesses. This has led to the rise of the cause for LGBT rights, defined as the right to equality and non-discrimination. Gay men and lesbians have higher rates of mental health disorders than the rest of the population. They also have higher rates of obesity, smoking and unsafe alcohol and drug use, and are more likely to self-harm These conditions develop in response to different scenarios including: ‘coming out’, only to be rejected by family members and friends; being bullied or taunted by schoolmates on a daily basis; homophobic jokes or harassment in the workplace; being threatened or bashed when out on the street; hiding part of yourself in social situations for fear of being rejected, and most of all, feeling guilt and shame about your sexuality in the face of negative messages being delivered by the society around you. Homophobia has a great impact on LGBT

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