The Importance Of Job Dissatisfaction

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What is job satisfaction? According to Boundless website “Job satisfaction is the level of contentment employees feel about their work, which can affect performance” (Management , 2014). In my opinion, job satisfaction is very important aspect pf an employee’s life, and that everyone should look for points of satisfaction in his job or career. Without job satisfaction, nothing can ever be good enough. If I had a job with high salary but I wasn’t satisfied enough with in it, the dissatisfaction will overpower the financial privilege I have. Therefore, it is very important for an employee to seek for job satisfaction just as he seeks for the high incentives and benefits. Moreover, the importance of job satisfaction also lies in the below points:…show more content…
Therefore my willingness was very low. I started taking sick leaves just to get away from work, my sales figures were dropping and I was making a lot of mistakes. Once I started accepting everything and everyone in the department itself I began feeling satisfied with everything. The more satisfied I’d be the more willing and ready I was to work hard. 2. Affects the overall achievements and goals of a department or organization. It is very common for departments with high employee dissatisfaction to make less revenue and provide work that has poor quality. An employee’s dissatisfaction can have huge downturn on the department’s progression. For instance; during my first days, there were a few more juniors who had joined in few weeks or months before me. Some of them were very dissatisfied with their jobs for different reasons. Those people would make a lot of mistakes while issuing tickets and hotels that the department would go through financial loss and would be forced to compensate the clients. This example is an evident on how job satisfaction is important for the department’s sake just as important it is for the employee…show more content…
According to Small Businesses website “when deficiencies exist in these four basic requirements for survival, people become incapable of developing any ambition, much less acting on it and achieving their full potential” (Hamlett). By these, this source actually refers to the physiological needs which are at the base of the pyramid, and are considered the most important. These basic needs include water, air, food and comfort. And they can be in the form of providing food for the employees in their work stations or places, provide healthy and clean air to avoid any illnesses or health risks and provide them suitable breaks during their shifts to prevent them from fatigue and to keep them active enough to do their jobs

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