Authority In The Beast People

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During one’s whole life there is always someone there to monitor them and to intercede if necessary. During childhood, it is the parents and during adulthood, it is the government and the various forms it takes, such as the police. During their childhood, children are taught to obey authority because adults know best. This ideal is represented on the island when Dr. Moreau takes on the authoritative father figure for the Beast People and restrains their primal urges. When children move out of their house and start to live on their own, their government takes over the role of the authority figure from the parents. People do not act out due to their fear of punishment, which they have been taught to fear. Moreau, all alone on the island, has no authority to forbid him from doing his vivisections. The novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau, is representative that when unchecked, men are the true beast if their impulses are allowed to run wild because they will become detached from their morals, not think about the expectations of society, and develop a god complex. When the readers…show more content…
We are on different platforms. You are a materialist’” (54). When Moreau calls Prendick a materialist, he is talking about how Prendick puts more value on appearances than what’s going on below appearance sake. This is noted several times in the book when Prendick can’t handle the screams of the puma and he has to leave the House of Pain to ease the anguish he feels when hearing the cry of the puma. Moreau is not a materialist, and that sets him free. Moreau does not care what anyone thinks about what he is doing on the island, least of all what it looks like to someone else. Moreau is not concerned at all with what society would think about his dealings. Without the burden of keeping up appearances Moreau is ruthless and dedicated solely to his mission of
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