Gender Idioms In Society

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Recently I saw a Ted Talk about the political cartoons by Lisa Donnally which was criticising the gender roles. Her drawings influenced my thoughts. I started to question life when I was using pink lipstick. In one day I went from thinking about what other girls wore to thinking over revolution; just like Donnally mentioned in her cartoon. I started to recognize the sexist words we used, the sexist idioms and the traditions. Then I asked myself if these gender roles were the reason for the social problems such as violence to women and murders which I see on the news every day. Maybe as the Turkish community, we need to be more informed about the language we used every day. There is an idiom in our culture; “There is a moment of silence…show more content…
I said "Stop thinking it. It is so stupid!" Little girls are excepted to be good daughter, wife, and mother in the future. There is an idiom which shows the expectations of society from us; “Women who have no children are like the tree with no fruits." Maybe the men should marry with apple trees, not with women. There is one more thing which drives me nuts. Most of the swear words are related to the women body. I don't want my sister to hear the sexist language grown-ups used and hate her body as if it was despicable. We should not get into the habit of using these words. However, the things are completely different for Ahmet, my second cousin. His family treats him as if he is a prince. In his circumcision feast, he wore fancy clothes and we buy gold for the celebration. This shows that being male is something to be celebrated and Ahmet understands that he is powerful and valuable just because of his gender. His family loves him more than his sister. It is not surprising that he thinks himself as if he is the lord of the family and breaks my sister's

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