Perna Arts Case Study

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Introduction: Perna Arts is a movie production company that has gradually branched into related businesses straddling distribution, exhibition, programming and education. The company was among the first to go public after the movie business attained industry status in India. It was also one of the first to recruit a professional manager as its chief executive officer to put in place processes, systems, performance metrics and procedures aligned to its strategic priorities. The company's aim was to make two to four movies a year - enough to create a rolling stock that could open up multiple revenue streams and offset losses with hits. However, Perna Arts was battling against temporary setbacks, such as failing to deliver hit movies. The company's…show more content…
Perna Arts focused on commercial and creative aspects, and they were carful to have knowledgeable and creative stuff as well as specialist who understand issues like accountancy and treasury management very well. The company decided to find its way by experimenting with various types of movies and by introducing new untried talent in both the technology-driven, creative side as well as in acting. Perna Arts believe that “production should be built on the strength of good stories and scripts, supported by good performance and innovative marketing.” Hence they were very interest to gather many ideas as much as they can and study the possibility to develop those ideas into a script. All staff was part of this stage of core assets for the company, and this kind of involvement play an effective role to enhance staff sharing and performance. Perna Arts made a commercial analyst for the cost of all aspects of filmmaking starting from the cost of developed script end with the cost of marketing. The company spend huge amount of money for marketing because at that time the trend was to spend heavily on marketing to make sure that the movie had adequate success in the first days of its…show more content…
By this Perna Arts created a new path of creating a benchmark for excellence and began to provide all needed trained manpower to the industry of filmmaking. In my perspective this venture is a good initiative from Perna Arts as they open new channels for all creative people to have a chance to learn and enhance their creativity. Apprentices was then become part of the project team aiming to develop technical skills and considering apprenticeship as a key part of the process of socialization. This kind of engagement plays a role to enhance Apprenticeships’ confidence and loyalty toward Perna

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