The Unknown Holocaust: The Unknown Holocaust

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“The Unknown Holocaust” Japanese soldiers stormed China and brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of people including both soldiers and civilians in Nanking. Around 50,000 women were sexually assaulted, and kids were murdered as if they were not human beings. Once a capital for China, Nanking was left in ruins and the people left in distraught. The reason why this happened was foolish and not necessary. Following the bloodshed from the battle in Shanghai (Sino-Japanese war) the Japanese were fired up and wanted to gain more power so without thinking they decided to attack the citizens in Nanking. The rape of nanking, a holocaust in disguise, was one of the most devastating brutal attacks on chinese citizens by the Japanese which resulted…show more content…
Not only were families were massacred but children were slaughtered, ‘"They dragged my mom out from under the table and immediately stabbed my sister to death. They just killed her like that," she said, with a sharp wave of her arm,’ (Xia Shuqin). The Japanese soldiers turned their attention to the women and an animalistic hunt ensued. Pregnant women had their stomachs slit open and the soldiers would throw around fetus as if it was a ball. In addition, if the soldiers didn’t rape the women in their homes they would drag the women out into the street and heartlessly murder them. The soldiers would profusely gang rape multiple women at one time. Others were used for live shooting and decapitated, while more drastic mutilations were performed such as burning, nailing to trees, and hanging tungs. The Japanese would execute civilians on the streets and stack the bodies into piles and left them to rot away. A man who witnessed the attacks wrote a letter to his family which stated, “The slaughter of civilians is appalling. I could go on for pages telling of cases or rape and brutality almost beyond belief. Two bayoneted cases are the only survivors of seven street cleaners who were sitting in their headquarters when Japanese soldiers came in without warning or reason and killed five of their number and wounded the two that found their way to the hospital. (Robert Wilson, letter to his family, Dec. 15).” There are still many witnesses to these crimes such as Robert Wilson and it is scary to think how a society could go through this. Everyone watching each other be killed gruesomely and not knowing what would happen next if they did survive. The invasion of china by the Japanese soldiers was uncalled for and tragic, not only did thousands die but almost all of them were
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