Ian Francis: Lion And The Lion

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Ian Francis, an artist from United Kingdom. He used mixed media on aluminum panel. The painting is in frightening and melancholy mood. To be extreme, it could be said as ‘grotesque’. When people hear this title, one might think of a zookeeper giving a meat to the lion, however, Ian Francis did not unravel the meaning of its words in the way others did. Two kids – maybe twins – are almost ‘collapsed’ at the stairs, in front of the lion. However, they are not feeding the lion – the lion – which means, is feeding them, that lion is going to eat the kids after this moment Ian Francis captured. The art is composed architectural. The picture is not abstract – we can clearly understand the storyline at the work and recognize the creatures. However, it is not so realistic. Lion and the kids, the main subjects in the piece, are colored in mostly transparent and gray values, which they suggest as a spirit. It does not have a clear figure as itself, but it gives the mood of a ‘Fear’ that children have. Children’s position being almost keeled over matches well with the ghostly expression. It shows a hopelessness and severe panic of their emotion. In contrast, lion is colored with white and black, which gives coercion not only to children but also observer. Ian Francis has expressed the…show more content…
This piece, named Ericfolia, is one of his work that represents his art style and painting skills well. When I look at this painting, it is not seem as a very abstract painting. However, it is not seem as very realistic picture due to its colors. Its colors differ from it in real life. Although in real life, tents are usually in brown or yellow or other bright colors, tent in this drawing is all green, connected to the ground. In this picture, it seems that the tent and ground is connected – and it is very natural that it seems that both was the one from the first. Its shapes are – a big triangle center, which forms the tent – the main

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