Roots Of Tolerance In The Holocaust

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The Roots of Intolerance What eleven letter word contributed to the suffering of thousands, countless deaths, and continues to infect the attitudes of numerous people in society today? Intolerance. It was a main cause of the Holocaust and still impacts many people worldwide. Being an easier alternative to acceptance, intolerance prompts an individual to be close-minded, not willing to embrace ideas and opinions of others. Society has shown to be incapable of extinguishing these hateful ideals, despite many efforts to create a more accepting community lately. Before we can focus on stopping the lack of tolerance in our society toward others, though, it is vital we first try to understand the causes of it, providing a path to the solution. One detrimental, contributing factor in shaping an intolerant mindset is the negative influences sculpting future generations. Some children cannot take the blame for their narrow-minded actions when they have not been taught the gravity of being kind and the fundamentals of building an admirable character. Multiple families and parents fail to set an example for their kids, instead teaching them their own destructive and discriminating beliefs. During the Holocaust, Hitler was no stranger to corrupting the minds of impressionable children by…show more content…
Since they were unlike the rest of Germany, treating the minorities like they were not human seem justified and reasonable, leading to the horrific events of the Holocaust including the development of Concentration Camps. This further stresses the significance of educating and exposing yourself to less practiced religions and ideals to prevent the events of the Holocaust repeating. By knowing more about the numerous beliefs followed by different people, society is less likely to be afraid of them or to discriminate and be intolerant towards

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