Josef Mengele: A Man Of Evil In The Holocaust

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The Angel of Death Did he do it for entertainment? Was he a scientist or a murderer? Were the remains really his? Hitler may have been the leader and start of the Holocaust; however, Josef Mengele was also a man of evil during the time of the Holocaust. Josef Mengele, did many experiments on the twins and other “inmates” of Auschwitz. Josef Rudolf Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 (“Introduction the the Holocaust”). Mengele’s birth took place in Günzburg, Germany (Posner 400). His parents were Karl and Walburga Mengele. Mengele had three brothers, of which, he was the eldest. The younger brothers names were, Karl Jr. and Alois Mengele (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). They lived in a wealthy village, which was called the Bavarian Village…show more content…
Mengele had selected 400,000 “prisoners” to be sent to the chambers during his time at Auschwitz (Posner 400). If he used them, he would inject medicine into each of the twins to see what would happen to them. One of the things he did was that he would inject chloroform directly into their hearts (Deem 71). He never really cared if he had killed the people or not. Mengele just wanted to know how he was going to succeed in his experiments. He did many dangerous experiments. Ever since this day, they still do not know all the medicines he used to inject them with during the experiments. Some of the experiments still affect his victims today. After he had done the experiments, they would get autopsies to see why they had not worked (Deem 72). When he found out what happened, he would not make the mistake the next time. Mengele would also take the eyes of his victims to see how to transform them into the beautiful Aryan blue (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). He had murdered tons of innocent people just to find this perfect Aryan race. Mengele would even do experiments on the disabled. At one point he even did an experiment on a father and son. The father had a hunchback and the son had a problem with his foot. He took many tests to figure out if the son could possibly get the hunchback later on in life (Deem 72). Mengele definitely lived up to his nickname. “The Angel of…show more content…
He had escaped the hospital with the aid of false papers (“Josef Mengele”). He went into hiding and started living in Argentina from 1949 to 1959. When they finally figured out Mengele’s role in the Holocaust, West Germany issued a warrant for his arrest for war crimes and mass murders in 1959 (Posner 400). He was one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals (“Josef Mengele”). He then fled to Paraguay and later to Brazil (Posner 400). Along the way of him trying to keep hidden he married his brother’s ex-spouse. Later, he was sought by West Germany Bonn Government after 1962. All the efforts to capture and bring him to trial had failed. In February of 1979, Josef Mengele had a stroke while swimming and he had drown in Embu, Brazil (“Josef Mengele”). His death was not uncovered until 1985. They found remains of a body buried at a cemetery in Embu, Brazil under a false name. When they dug his body up, scientist performed many test on what was left of the unknown body. Later on, the tests proved the remains to be Mengele’s (Posner 400). “The Angel of Death,” was officially

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