Organizational Communication In The Student Organization

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Organizations are built to manage the people in every community. The country has its own nationwide government as well as its on local units. There can be organizations even in private sectors like companies and associations. As well in school, most especially in universities and colleges, student organizations do exist to govern the student body. With these organizations, student leaders are given the power to do decision makings and activities in their campuses for the benefit and betterment of their members. Therefore, the communication that runs through the branches of every network is vital for the leaders and common students to be aware and knowledgeable of what the group is planning…show more content…
This study will guide them to evaluate the communication in their organizations, as they are the focus of this study. The Organization of faculty members. This study will help them to know the function of student organizations that they may apply in their process of disseminating information. This will be also beneficial because the faculty may able to support the activities of the student organizations when they have learned about the organizational communication of the student body. Administrative Council. The partner of the student organization and faculty organization is the University Administrative Council and so this research will help them to understand the process and components of communication that runs to the students and faculty in doing the activities intended to benefit the whole university. Other universities and colleges. This study will be beneficial to other academic institutions if they wanted to study about organizational communication in academic institution. The Local and National Government. This will serve as a tool in guiding the government towards its better administration that starts from an effective organizational…show more content…
The researcher also wants to identify the evaluation of these channels and strategies on how active they are or not. The scope will also include the knowledge of the respondents on what they know about channels and strategies, what are their attitudes towards these, and the practices that they are doing for their organizational communication. The study will not be seeking to include the evaluation on the end process of communication that leads to the action done by organizations. For example, the researcher will not be finding out if the project is effective or successful but only the communication ahead of it. The target respondents of this study will be the officers and members of the will be registered student organizations in PSAU particularly the Presidents and the Public Information Officers (leaders) and selected members of each group. The study will be conducted from August until December 2016. Definition of terms These definitions will help as a guide for understanding the following terms in the

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