Environmental Pollution Case Study

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1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study Environment pollution is one of the major problem that faced by many country in this world. Pollution is defined as undesirable change in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of all components of an environment (Fatuyi et.al.,2011; Aboriba, 2001). One of the problems is the oil spillage pollution. Environment pollution due to oil spill is one of the frequent problem happened in country that has petroleum source like Malaysia, Nigeria and Iraq. According to Fatuyi et.al and Okpokwasili (2011,1996) the petroleum or crude oil that accidentally discharge or flow into the environment lead to oil spillage pollution. This spill has caused most significant pollutant in the environment as is capable of causing serious damages to humans and the ecosystem. Some of this oil spill can endanger the public health, imperil drinking water, devastate natural resources, and disrupt the economy (Ihsan Flayyih et.al, 2014). The nature…show more content…
The fungi is isolate under laminar flow in sterile condition. Single spore of each fungi from the grows of mycelium is transfer into fresh PDA that amended with streptomycin. This is for sub-culture by using sterilized inoculation loop and seal with ParafilmTM to prevent contamination. The plate is incubate at 26 ± 2℃ for five to seven days (Umi Shahada, 2014). 3.2.4 Identification of fungi The most dominant fungi that grows in media plate will be identified at genus level on the basis of macroscopic (colonial morphology, color, texture, shape, diameter and appearance of colony) and microscopic characteristics (septation in mycelium, presence of specific reproductives structures, shape and strucutre of conidia, and presence of sterile mycelium(Zafar et.al 2013,2007) with available literatue Bernett(1998) and Bisset(1991

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