Indonesian Diamond Case Study

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Kuta – Indonesian diamond You won’t find a better place for entertainment, night life and cheap accommodation than Kuta, at least on the island of Bali. The easiest way of reaching Kuta is a ride from Ubud, which lasts for about 90 minutes. Even though Indonesia is a Muslim country, Kuta is referred to as a pretty liberal city. It is said that native people are tolerant because of money which foreigners spend here, but everything is possible. Atmosphere in the street In the Poppies Gang II street, there are hundreds of stands where you can buy literally anything and everything. Don’t forget to bargain, because sellers are looking forward to that! If you are lover of malls, you’ll certainly have fun at Discovery, which is a modern shopping mall.…show more content…
Some places of the city are that crowded that traffic jams are inevitable, or, better said – usual. In the streets, like on the beaches, people behave pretty liberally. It is not uncommon to meet a large number of provocatively dressed up girls, ready for party. There is a bunch of discotheques and clubs, and the real thing starts after midnight. Until then, things are heating up in cafes. One of the interesting facts is that several sporting goods and shoes stores don’t close during the whole night. Their marketing strategies are actually pretty amusing – young people working there attract customers by playing house music. Eating in Kuta As we have already mentioned, prices in Kuta are pretty low. To have a solid meal, such as chicken with cheese, ham and fries, you don’t have to spend more than 55 000 IDR, drink included. Some of the great places for eating in Kuta are: • Kuta Beachwalk shopping center On the terrace of the mall there are stands with typical Indonesian food and all around are tables for you to eat, in a picnic manner. The payment system is pretty interesting: you will see a main counter, where you will pay money for a special

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