Josef Mengele: The Evil Scientist Experiments During The Holocaust

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Evil Scientist Experiments Experiment: “a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.” Plenty of experiments were undertaken during the Holocaust. Many were done by a man who’s name is Josef Mengele. He conducted several experiments on many tests subjects; all who were human. This man was merciless to his victims, and treated them as if they were not even people. Mengele joined the Nazi party in 1938, and afterwards became a doctor at Auschwitz Death Camp. He was drafted into the army and later had volunteered to be apart of the Waffen-SS medical service (“Josef Mengele”). In 1943 while on campaign, he was wounded and traveled back to Germany to work at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute,…show more content…
Men would be severely cut in varying parts of their body, as dirt, broken glass, etc, was rubbed into the wound. It was given time to become infected, and then Mengele would make an attempt to clean and fix the wound so it would prove to be nonfatal (Stewart 64). These recreations would allow him to test the severity of different wounds and how to mend them. To go along with the wound recreations, Mengele also experimented on bone and organ regeneration. In these cases, bone, organs, nerves, and more were removed from one person and implanted into another. Most would face extreme agony permanent disability, mutilation, and in some situations death. He would also do what is called a high altitude experiment, where they put a person into a low-pressure chamber where they could duplicate altitudes up to 68,000 feet. Often those subjected to the chamber died; however, some lived, but with injuries due to the extreme atmospheres they were exposed to (Dachau: High Altitude Experiments). Some victims would be forced into freezing water until they were unconscious, and then warmed in different ways. This allowed the Nazis to test the effects of cold on the human body for the German soldiers. The Nazis conducted these experiments to be able to analyze ways to help soldiers who were exposed to extremely cold temperatures (Nazi Medical Experiments: Freezing

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