The Sociology Of Racism In Society

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The Sociology of Racism All people in the world are different and this is our specialty which makes life colorful. The diversity that distinguishes or marks people is called race or ethnicity. However for many centuries the diversity has been the object of discrimination even slavery of some nations. Racism is the tragedy of humanity which still exists as a genetic disease coming from generation to generation. Especially racism is commonly associated with “black and white people” when “white people” think and behave as they are higher and more human than “black people”. Such beliefs were used as a powerful weapon stimulating fear, fear to use free speech, fear to have rights or fear to live full life as human being. Black skinned population…show more content…
According to academic research of Australian professors of Deakin University (Mansouri, Jenkins, Morgan and Taouk) the impact of racism on health is negative as people who experience of racist behavior feel “angry and frustrated, not belonging to the local community” (Melbourne (2009). The results of survey showed that 70.1% of participants experience racist behaviors. Most of participants were Christians (43.8%), 25.6% didn’t identify with a religion and 8.3% were Muslims. It is clear that racism is still living in people’s minds; this illness should be treated as soon as possible otherwise degradation will happen, regardless religion…show more content…
The whole world knows Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez and Rosa Park because they were leaders who spoke the words which simple African Americans didn’t dare speak and led them to set equality between black and white. The American Civil Rights Movement, anti-colonial movements over the world, large numbers of immigrants to the West changed people’s point of view about racism and colonialism. Their attempts gave good results; racial discrimination is not at the form as was before, however it has changed its form. If people showed aggressive racism before towards people of color now some people do it mentally speaking in such a way as they want to show their superiority even they don’t speak words mentioning skin color or other factors related to the race. Humanity will not be happy until it doesn’t learn to treat each other equally. Due to different types of discrimination the world always miss the chance of being proper people at proper positions. There millions and millions of talented black skinned people who really showed their abilities to manage jobs of high priority. Our society will be more improved and healthier if all people will find a strength do kill racism even in mental level as all of us are born

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