The Importance Of Cooking

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Cooking is a one of the major and importance requirement for people all over the word. This is because people must cooked to make sure the food that their take are in safe and free from harmful bacteria. Besides that, wood also is a major necessities for people in rural area in poor countries use for cooking. They cut tree to make a firewood as their energy source of fuel. For the other source like charcoal and gas is very expensive in certain countries. In Africa for example, cooking energy represent the main energy consumption. Therefore the main energy source for cooking in this countries is wood (Elamin and Abdalla, 2015). There are many people who are dependent on forestlands for their livelihoods and it can be seen from one-third of…show more content…
Cooking is an important part of daily food preparation in commercial and residential setting. We can use our renewable energy which is solar energy to solve the problem. It is therefore necessary to look for an alternative source of energy to partially meet the cooking needs of the people living in such areas blessed with sunshine. The solar cooker technology is the simplest, safest, clean, environment friendly, and most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen. Based on research done by Harmim et al (2014) in their study, solar cooking consists to use solar energy to cook food and prepare it for human consumption. Solar cooker is the best medium to be a good substitute for cooking with conventional nature source like wood and charcoal. There are many types of solar cooker in the market. Based on research done by Erdem and Pinar (2013) in their study, most commonly used solar cookers are solar panel type, box type and parabolic type. For the best solar cooker, it must be in good design in term of thermal performance. In this case, portable solar cooker in box type is the best way to choose because with this design it can reduce time and save

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