Importance Of The Piñata

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The piñata has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, and Day of the Dead. It is a bright animal or object made out of cardboard that is suspended on a rope from a tree branch or ceiling and is stuffed with candy and/or toys. In Mexico children are blindfolded, and with a stick, in hand, they try to break the piñata in order to collect the goodies trapped inside of it. The piñata is normally made in the shape of human or animal figures and often a star shape. Iin Mexico the piñata is known as the symbol of hope and of new beginnings. It is said that a seven-pointed star represents the devil and the seven deadly sins and hitting it with a stick makes him let go of the goods…show more content…
You can find all these products at your local store. The first step is to create a center to the piñata using paper mâché . Before using paper mâché you need to blow up a punching balloon, then tie it into a knot. Make sure to take off the rubber band on the opposite side and place a piece of tape over the protruding section. Now for the paper mâché, it is made up of flour and water, uses about 3 cups of flour and 3 cups of water, mix thoroughly till it becomes pasty. The paste will have a thick consistency since the flour is what will help bind the newspaper together. Next soak the newspaper strips into the paper mâché paste, then remove the excess before placing it on the balloon. Also, it will be a lot easier if you hang your balloon up tie a twine around the end of the balloon and use tape to stick it up on the ceiling.After hanging up the balloon continue to add newspaper strips, and making sure to overlap them, allow them to dry before adding a second layer of newspaper and a third layer. After adding all three layers leave it to completely dry…show more content…
Grab your cardstock and make it into a disc, then you draw a triangle wedge and cut out the wedge you have drawn, next you bring the cut sides of your disc together and put the tape inside. Once you finish making your cones, check to see if your base has completely dried, if it is dry, pierce a hole into the balloon to deflate it. Then place one of the cones you have made over the hole and trace a circle around. Using scissors, cut a hole within the traced circle and make sure you do not cut all the way around, just leave one side attached and reach into the base to remove the balloon and shake out dried any dry paste. After taking out the balloon and paste make a small hole in the opposite side of the opening by using an x-acto knife, next tie double knot the end of the thick rope and thread it through the small hole you made.Then fill your piñata with plenty of candy and close the hole with tape. Now back to the cone you need to cut several 1/4″ tabs into the bottom of the cone. First fold them in, add glue, and attach it to the piñata first cone should go on top of the hole with tape. Next put the cone in place and you reinforce it with tape, you need to also suspend the piñata before adding the rest of the cones on. Then continue to add the rest of the cones and reinforce them with tape as well. Once you have finished adding the cones, it’s time to decorate the piñata! So grab

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