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JAMES M. HENSLIN EXPLORING SOCIAL LIFE ALLYN AND BACON PRESS, BOSTON, 2004 1. The editor of this book, Prof. (Dr.) James M. Henslin who was born in 5th February 1973 in Minnesota, USA. James M. Henslin earned his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in sociology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After completing his doctorate, he joined to the faculty at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, where he is presently serving as the Professor Emeritus of Sociology. He has participated various kinds of international seminars, conference and he has published various kinds of books and journals including Social Problems and American Journal of Sociology. 2. This book “Exploring Social Life” is mainly divided into five (05) chapters…show more content…
When considering about the meaning of the title of the book, the term “Exploring” is define as “discovering, searching or investigating”, the word “Social” is define as “Community, society or public” and the word “Life” is defined as “ the way we are living. “Exploring Social Life,” is a book that describes the meaning of these three terms in a very simple, interesting and practical way. As an editor of this book Prof. (Dr.) James M. Henslin having a very vast knowledge regarding sociology and he has able to connect the relation between above articles in a good manner in that easy understanding and to give a wide idea about Social Life to the…show more content…
When going through the Part II of this book, editor has used another two human groups to discover the social life. One group is people who working in the hospitals and other is prostitutes. In these two articles, author was able to show us the behind the scenes of the hospital to revel what really goes on there and how the self-identity of prostitutes change as they move from one status to another. 6. In the next part of this book (part III), article 7 editor has tried to show the changing of social life with the economy and how global changes are reshaping international politics. Next article describes that another group of people live in our society. In this report he suggests that poverty is inevitable because poor people perform a valuable service for society. In next two articles of this part explain the about the racism and the social inequality of gender. 7. When going through the part IV of this book, editor has described about social institutions. In article 11 mentioned about “triangle of power”. It means how top political, military and business leaders effected to the social life. And in the next article its state where works become more enjoyable than family life and how work is effected to the family life. In the last article of part IV says that why an education level goes down in athletes who got

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