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If you have a marine aquarium or new reef tank owner may need some clean up crew that can be cleaning up your aquarium naturally. The saltwater clean-up crew is a composition of saltwater animal that consists of snails, crabs, shrimps, starfish, snail, and any more. It is needed if you want to build reef aquarium. Having reef aquarium for your house will give you fresh and unique look. It will definitely give you beach of nuance that is fresh and fun. But the problem you will face when you have reef aquarium is the cleaning time. You get challenged to clean the whole tank correctly and clearly. It is rather hard if you do it alone, so the best thing you can do is by adding cleanup crew. Even though you may face little trouble with cleaning time, having clean-up crew marine fish is indeed helped you more. At the first time, you may never know that all of the living things inside the tank is arranged properly. Every living thing that lives in your saltwater aquarium is chosen carefully. Each of them has a task of cleaning as well as to beauty your aquarium. So, you cannot add any fish or any other sea living thing inside the tank. You have to choose correctly then it will give you some benefits. Adding clean-up crew will complete your reef aquarium existence. Why You Should Add Clean-Up Crew Why…show more content…
In addition to shrimp and starfish, the snail is very useful as a saltwater cleaner. The most favorite one is Turbo snail and Trochus snails. The turbo sail has a large size. They can eat algae properly. Although they can help you to control the algae very well but due to the big size, it may give you some problems such as have not plenty of food for them, and they may topple the live rock inside the tank. So, it may be much better if you pass the Trochus one than the turbo snail. Trochus has a smaller size. They will not bring your rock down. They are safe, and the most happiness thing is they eat the algae so

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