Night To His Day: The Social Construction Of Gender

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Social constructs is the ideology that has meaning because the society gives them meaning, it doesn't necessarily exist but is enforced upon the masses, by the majority and willingness to conform, in a disguise of a necessary norm in order to control people. It serves a purpose in society for the particular time period of Karl Marx, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Michel Foucault make up theories that sheds light on the fact that racial and sexual classifications are social constructs set in place to ensure elite, who happens to be the minority, the power/influence they desire. The elite, is a select group that holds superiority over others, and use social constructs as a means to control the majority and they do so by relying on their definition…show more content…
The fact that race is just a social construct is not comprehended by many and through biological point of view, race does not exist; it is constructed through public policy, law and social practices. Should an individual accept the fact that one's “race” makes them different and accept this as truth, makes them easier to control;…show more content…
Although one’s gender role might not be the same as gender identity; gender identities are the conceptions we have of ourselves as being male or female. Ones gender identity is a part of one’s self-concept and consequently is a product of social interaction. Gender and sexuality are social constructs that served purpose for the ones gaining from it. In the book “history of sexuality” Foucault insists that Power is basically used in the interests of fostering and preserving life. Strict Laws and norms have been placed on the discipline of the body (bio-power) and the regulation of population (bio-politics). Sexual conduct is a key component in the regulation of population. According to Foucault the masses think of sexuality as their essence, as the thing that gives one identity, when in fact, it is just a social construct that makes people easier to control (History of sexuality). Basically what Foucault is arguing here that sex is constantly talked about and has been blown out of proportion, and because sex has so much influence on the people, regulating it makes it easier for people to be conformed, and avoid what might be considered sexually-deviant. Deviance

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