The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Essay

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Movies occasionally fall into a cliché rut barely giving a new perspective of anything to hungry anticipating critical movie goers; however, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty helps to avoid such tragedy. The film beautifully combines a comedy, a drama, and romance all into one vivid display. There is a hidden charisma within the film that keeps the audience not wanting more but instead, satisfied. The melancholy music almost justifies each scene leaving a bittersweet taste, the relatable humorous dialogue, and the most incredible aspect which is the cinematography. In 2013, a remake of the 1974 production of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was introduced. Walter (Ben Stiller) is an awkward, shy man working as a manager in negative assets for LIFE magazine. To survive his mundane life, Walter tends to daydream, mostly about his recent crush, Cheryl Mellhoff (Kristen Wiig). Unfortunately, the LIFE magazine company is downsizing to transfer to an online source and the new man in charge, Ben Hindrix (Adam Scott), is inconsiderate and very rude to Walter more than any other employee. For LIFE’s last issue, a highly acknowledged photographer, Shaun O'Connell (Sean Penn), wants the cover to be the negative 25, but the…show more content…
Majority of the songs have a calming indie presence that puts off a soothing effect. Parts of the movie that call for more upbeat exciting action music, is well delivered. Stepping back into yet another infamous daydream of Walter Mitty, he imagines that he is fighting with his boss over a toy his sister, Odessa (Kathryn Hahn), gave him as a birthday present. In the background you can hear a typical anonymous orchestra of loud booms and high pitched clangs, adding extra extravagance to each extravagant movement. Nonetheless, the movie delivers an outstanding soundtrack, but the clever on-screen drama that is executed so effortlessly is an aspect to take

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