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Pol Pot led the Communist Party Khmer Rouge for 3 years. Pol Pot was in control of the group during the death of one to two million Cambodian people. Although what he did was terrible his fellow members of the party payed the price for their actions but not him. He was born May 19, 1925 and died April 15, 1998. His 73 years of life were probably considered to be a success to him, but for the rest of Cambodia they were a nightmare. Khmer Rouge was around for 15 years before he came unto power. He came to power in 1975 he was chosen by a few people because of his teaching skills and his knowledge. The Khmer Rouge was under leadership of Pol for a violent period from 1975 to 1978. The Khmer Rouge’s first leader was Pol Pot so there was no exchange…show more content…
His background as a history teacher greatly benefitted the group in plotting their attacks and building the utopian society utopia. Pol pot also was good at controlling the people when they went out of control because of the discipline he picked up as a teacher. Pol pot lived in a handful of different places before he moved to Cambodia. This meant that he could speak many different languages so he was able to talk to different communist party's all over the world. These skills greatly benefitted the Khmer Rouge and would later help them out in bad…show more content…
The circumstances were very severe in Cambodia when he left power including no new leadership was brought into the Khmer Rouge party. The utopia that Khmer Rouge planned to make had turned into a disaster for Cambodia and it's people. The people of Cambodia and families of the ones who lost loved ones were still trying to identify the millions of bodies. Pol pot left unpunished from his foolish actions. In the later years of his life he traveled around the world speaking to other countries. Although we know that he traveled around the world none of his speeches were recorded so no one knows if he told the truth or anything at all about the terror he had caused in his country. As for the other member some of them later served time in prison given by the Cambodian

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