Walter Mitty Movie Vs Book

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Walter Mitty Essay The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is better than the book. I say this because the movie goes into greater detail, and has a slightly different storyline, which is still really amazing. First of all the movie shows that Walter Mitty was having daydreams about possible futures he could of had if he had more confidence in himself especially with Cheryl Melhoff. The book said that Walter was having military flashbacks about the war he participated in. The movie brightened the moral of the story with Shawn O'Connell, and the whole trying to track him down thing with all of the crazy amazing things he had to do to get to him! Truly great. Secondly the book said that Walter Mitty was married and had an extremely naggy wife. The movie showed Walter obsessing over a coworker of his at the Life magazine building of which they are employed and Walter has been working there for 16 years and Cheryl has only been there one month. Walter found Cheryl melhoff the name of his crush on EHarmony, and through the entire beginning of the movie Walter was trying to send a wink to her profile and it never worked so she never knew until the end. So sweet.That is the second reason why the movie is so so so so so so so much better than the book.…show more content…
The book drags on the flashbacks/daydreams for multiple paragraphs, which could be a good thing you know with the great detail, but I honestly think that would be a little overboard and

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