Olivia Witt Short Story

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The Secret Life of Olivia Witt I was walking across a rope bridge over raging rapids, then the bridge got sprayed with the clear water and I fell off into a whirlpool of blackness. I held my breath as i fell into the bone chilling. I was trying to fight my way back up to the top of the blackness and I was running out of air. i started falling through a black hole. I was about to hit the bottom . I tensed all my muscles and braced to hit the floor. I was inches away from hitting the ground. My eyes flew open and i gasped for air. It was still black but i knew where I was. I could feel the softness of my blanket and I knew I was in my bed. It was still dark outside so I layed back down. I heard footsteps coming towards my door. I knew it…show more content…
I was soon in my own world and on the brink of unconsciousness. I had restarted my dream from the night before. This time I made it across the rope bridge and started on the path afterwards. It lead to a rocky incline and I started to climb it. The rocks were really loose and shaky. I had accidentally grabbed the wrong rock and slipped and fell down the hill. I flinched. I realized we were almost to the high school so I shut off my music and put my things away. Once the high schoolers got off we went to the middle school and we started to go to our first hours. Everyone was still half asleep so I knew I wasn’t the only one. Math,Gym,Choir, and social studies went by in a blur.At luNch all of my friends were talking about an essay they had due the next day. i was half done but having serious anxiety about the other half. Then my friends started talking about what they had done that weekend but I was bored. I stared out the windows instead. We went to language and read a story called “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. It was a good story but it was nothing like the movie. Which means that the movie was nothing like the book and that made me mad. Once we were dismissed me and Kim started to go to our lockers. We got our stuff to go to science and walked through the mess of

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