Walter Mitty Comparison

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In this essay I will be describing the similarities and differences between the book and movie versions of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Throughout the book version of this story there were a lot r ae specific details that were made very clear; such as Walter having a wife. In the move Walter did not have a wife and he was actually trying to date this girl that he worked with. Between both the book and the movie there are details that have changed just like the ones that I just talked about, and that is pretty much all that this essay will be about. I will list a similarity in paragraph two, a difference in paragraph three, a similarity in paragraph four, and finally the conclusion in paragraph five. The first similarity that I noticed in both the book and the movie was that Walter was having day dreams throughout both of them. This might not really sound like a huge similarity but it actually is. Without the daydreams in both of the stories, they would be nothing alike and wouldn’t make any sense if they used the same title for both the book and the movie. I think that a mini opposite that is in the similarity paragraph would be the difference in the themes of the dreams that he had. Walter had more of a military style or action type of dreams in the book version while in the movie they were more of just fantasy or…show more content…
I think it made a big difference in the story line that he was married because his wife was the main reason that he would day dream. The reason he daydreamed in the movie version is because his life was really boring. Something I did notice in the movie was that he started having less and less day dreams towards the end of the movie. I think that adding that small detail of the daydreams becoming less active would show that his life was finally exciting and he is
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