Walter Mitty Book Vs Movie

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In my essay, i am going to be writing about the secret life of walter mitty and tell you if i think the movie or book is better. first off i am going to tell you about the movie/book. In Walter Mitty is a man who works all the time. He is constantly working and is depressed because of it. since Walter is depressed he has day dreams all the time. The people at work all think he is weird because of it. Walter somehow “lost” a picture that he needed for work but he couldn’t find it. He thought the man who took the picture had it so he went out searching for him. He went to different places to find this man and when he finally did the man said it was in the wallet. By the wallet i mean the one that the man sent to Walter. The man left a note with the wallet saying to look inside but when he did, there wasn't anything…show more content…
I think the movie is better because it has more detail. The movie was funny which made it interesting to watch. It also showed/ told us the places he went to. The movie also had a lot more detail in showing us what the daydreams were about. For example, When Walter and his boss were in the elevator, Walter had a toy from his sister in his hand. Walter daydreamed that him and his boss got in a fight over the toy. Walter and his boss were punching each other and they just did funny, unrealistic things to each other. Also the movie showed that walter DIDN’T have a wife. Which makes the movie a little more interesting because he is also daydreaming about his co-worker. Walter and his co-worker didn’t talk a lot, but they talked sometimes. Walter made things really awkward for them. He never knew what to say, and sometimes he would say weird things. Also he daydreamed about her a lot. So when they were talking he would zone out. for example, when his co-worker was picking up her son. After they had done that they were talking for a little bit before she left and he zoned out thinking of what he could say to

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