The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Essay

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After reading Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” I thought it was simple but good. Thurber’s use of real-life events, well-developed details, short plot structure, and short plot development are what makes this short story enjoyable and straight-forward. Each time I read in this short fiction about Mr. Mitty escaping into another daydream, I thought to myself about why he daydreams so often. Other than trying to understand what was wrong with Walter Mitty, I found that the most enjoyable part in the story was when he, Walter Mitty, drives into the parking garage through the exit way before snapping back into his reality of dissatisfaction. In my mind, this was funny to visualize. One literary element that is used in this short story…show more content…
This short story reminded me of movies, such as Disney’s Smart House and Joe Johnston’s Jumanji. The most enjoyable part was the tragic ending. I was hoping that the parents, Lydia and George, would find a way out of the nursery and turn it off for good. However, it was tragically shocking to realize that the parents would never come out due to their children feeding them to the lions. I also found the part that Wendy verbally offers David McClean, the psychologist, a cup of tea almost eerie and hair-raising. A literary element used in this short fiction is foreshadowing. Examples of foreshadowing that is used are the intense heat, carcasses, and vultures along with their shadows, which indicated suspense of possible danger or death. Symbolism is another literary element that is used. Examples of symbolism are the children’s names, Wendy and Peter, which is significant in the story. The names Wendy and Peter refer to characters from Peter Pan symbolizing the children refusing to grow up. Bradbury’s “The Veldt” is definitely relevant to the contemporary world because it identifies and shows how and what the overuse and reliance on technology can lead to for an individual. This short story also comments on the danger of imagination; it explains that when an imagination has gone too far and has become a reality, it can lead to

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