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From Charlie in the Chocolate Factory to Sleepy Hollow, Tim Burton uses his unique style to captivate audiences of all ages. Burton uses dramatic scenes with gothic horror to captivate the wickedness of human nature and the reality versus fantasy concept. Overall in his films, Burton uses zooming, high key lighting, and non-diegetic music to create a dynamic and shifting mood in each scene. To begin, Burton uses zoom to create sadness and wonder in the audience. One way Burton did this is when he zoomed onto Edward and Kim hugging in Edward Scissorhands. When Edward came back to the house after running from the cops, Edward went home to see if anyone was there. Kim saw Edward and comforted him by hugging him. By the zoom, the audience could see Edward's and Kim's sadness on their faces and interpret that something bad was going to happen. Burton also uses zoom in Big Fish when the dad (Edward Bloom) and the mom were in the bathtub. In this scene, Edward Bloom and his wife were hugging in the bathtub, the zoom brought to life the foreshadowing of the Edward's future with his cancer and the sadness that brought with it. From this, the audience can understand how the…show more content…
In Charlie and the Chocolate, when the characters enter the edible room, the uplifting music begins. Willy Wonka opens the door and the edible room appears. The characters eyes widened as they saw the room and the non-diegetic, uplifting music began. This effect helped the characters' moods become clear. The music made it clear that the characters were in amazement after seeing the room. Another example was in Edward Scissorhands when Edward is outside cutting at the ice. Edward was cutting at the ice and the music played when Kim came out and started dancing in the snow. This created an uplifting setting towards the audience and in the scene, thus an overall joyful moment during that part of the

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