The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Comparison Essay

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In the story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, there is a man named Walter Mitty. Walter lives his life mainly by fulfilling his mind with daydThroughout the story Mitty has daydreams of being a pilot to even being in a court of law. The smallest things can trigger him to switch from reality to his imagination, even the outcome of a sentence.reams. Although he is married his wife is very controlling and nagging so to escape his reality with his life he daydreams. There are many similarities and differences in the book and in the movie, this essay will explain one similarity and two differences. In the movie Walter is single and has his sights set on gaining the attention of his coworker. In the book Walter is not so happily married…show more content…
However in the book the dreams consistently happen but in the movie the dreams become causally more seldom until they aren't even there anymore. In the movie Walter had his visions because of his job, but when he got fired they started to disappear. Although in the book Walter had dreams because of his wife. The dreams in the book correspond with his wife because since she always nagged him he didn't want to listen to her anymore and shut her out by day dreaming. Even though the book and the movie are different they are still a little bit similar. Walter ends up getting the girl in the movie but when the movie starts you can automatically assume that he is infact a loser. In the book he is assumed a loser because he always lets his wife walk all over him so we assume he is a loser. That being said the biggest similarity in both the book and the movie is the fact that Walter remains a loser thourgh out the begining to end of both. Walter ends up in the movie being a lot less of a loser because he was adventurous and pretty much made his dreams come true so that he would stand out in the eyes of another

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