The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Communication

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Abstract Technology has modernized this world and there is influence of technology in every field. Technology means, use of knowledge into practical field either to solve problems or to invent something new. A case of innovation is the Internet which has made breakthrough data accessible to anybody with access in a matter of minutes and gives continuous data about occasions the world over. Everyday new innovations are developing quickly. New advancements those are as of now creating or will be produced throughout the following couple of years, and which will significantly modify the business and social condition. These includes wireless communication, information technology, bio technologies and advanced robotics. New advanced technology is…show more content…
The separation between the areas might be short or long. In general term, wireless communication is considered as a branch of broadcast communications. In easy words, A wireless communication network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together. Security means to protect the data and information from unauthorized access. Computer networks are distributed networks of computers that are connected to share a lot of resources from one central machine. Wireless Networks are susceptible to attacks from many points of view to steal the valuable information. Hackers or cyber attackers use several new techniques to enter the existing network. The threat to an organizational data or information is basically rising apart from the physical security. But there is no denying fact that advances in wireless technology has provided a lot of opportunities in the field of business and this has help the organization to generate lots of revenue. Now a day’s business is equipped with advanced technology which suits their field of business and they are doing pretty good in their field. For example, use of computers and internet has made the business to make easy and quick decision with less effort. No doubt emerging technology are altering the business world and it has become crucial component of today’s…show more content…
Distributed computing: Share data in a conference, streaming of multimedia objects, used by educational institutions and multi-national companies. 3. Emergency operations: Useful in search, rescue perhaps in natural disasters and crowd / traffic control. 4. Wireless mesh network: Built upon wireless communications and allows for continuous connection. Several cryptography methods and algorithms can be used to find and secure the network. Many reasons to use wireless network by the management of a company than infrastructure network is given below. 1. Low cost and no infrastructure: Using service from infrastructure can be expensive. Low-density areas like desert, mountain, and battlefield can be used to form wireless network where infrastructure network is not possible. 2. Mobility: Depending on the situation routers can be placed on a specific place and these can be used by anyone who has access to it. 3. Protection from natural disaster: If the company use the wired network for data communication then it can affect the operation if there is issued related to nature but with wireless communication there is less chance of it. The various advantages can be: 1. Concepts of Mobile

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