Small Group Reflection Paper

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Small Group Reflection Paper and Discussion John Wesley has a great idea when he came up with small groups. These various small group can meet the need of many people. There people who have been hurt by someone on the church, backslid, or just do not know God. The small group where designed to meet the need of the people. Mutual Support Groups Mutual Support Groups are support the church in encouraging the spiritual growth of those that are young in Christ or just getting to know Him. These group uses variety of ways to reach that goal. Some of those ways are bible study, prayer groups, Sunday school etc. This group of people are not only concern about those in the church in need but those that are outside of church as well. This…show more content…
An example of a cell group is an outreach ministry where the group go out into the community and deliver the word of God. Like the Mutual Support Group, they to are concern for the people outside of the church. CareRing Groups CareRing Groups are groups that uses some of the ways of the Mutual Support Group. They use bible study or Sunday School classes to reach those that is not quite ready for church. It is feeding a baby formula until they are ready to eat solid food. Using this method tends to be more of a drawing tool. Romans 10:14, “How will they believe in Him whom they not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? (NIV) The word of God has to be delivered. If not by the pastor, God has equipped teachers and others to minister the word. Sunday School Integration Groups Sunday School Integration Groups are the group of people that meet on Sunday morning and go over a lesson that is part of a curriculum. In Sunday School, questions can be asked, the word of God can be broken down so that it is understood. It is a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone is learning together. No one person knows
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