The Pros And Cons Of The Democratic Party

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After thorough research and careful consideration of both major and several minor parties, I have decided that I will register with the Democratic Party. I feel that I am more liberal than conservative because I believe that all people including the unemployed, the ill, the denied citizenship are valuable and worthy of respect. Overall, I prefer "the good of the group" instead of uncontrolled capitalists. Although, I have some concerns in issues that the Democratic Party strongly opposes. With this intention, I will be explaining the issues in the next few paragraphs. In the Democratic Party, the party took stand in an issue on Education. They supported education and wanted to make an efficient and stronger system to provide Americans the right education they would need. The party supported lifelong learning and distant education which gave Americans an expanded training and opportunity. The Democratic Party wants to use testing to advance real learning by developing superb assessments that will evaluate complex expertise students need to…show more content…
They sought to restore wilderness and watersheds. I believe that the environment of wilderness and great lakes should be well preserved because it gives a sense of nature still taking its course on earth instead of manmade corporations destroying and polluting an ecosystem. The Democratic Party are in the process of restoring the Gulf and working with local communities to save publicly-owned lands. Also greatly expanding investments in preserving and bringing back forests, wetlands, and grasslands for America. While reading and researching on the Democratic Parties support on the Environment, I read that they work to guarantee the likes of water that Americans use in everyday life. They seek to support plans to restore rivers, oceans, and watersheds. They also seek to open lands and waters for hunting and fishing which will benefit local
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