Hiroshima Bombing Persuasive Essay

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The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only days apart. They would be known as the most devastating events that was to ever happen in Japan. Although the bomb in Nagasaki was stronger more people were killed during the bombing of Hiroshima. An estimated of around 60,000 - 70,000 people in Nagasaki, while the estimate in Hiroshima is suppose to be around 130,000 people. The damage caused was something that many had to continue to face in their day to day life after being exposed to the nuclear bomb. The damage was so significant that in the beginning it was unknown on how many people were actually killed. Eventually they got somewhat of a better estimate after looking at unaccounted people - missing - and adding that to the dead bodies…show more content…
bombed Japan besides the reason of wanting to just end the war. Some of those rumors are that they wanted the war to just finish instantly, to justify the cost of the Manhattan Project, to impress the Soviets - but this was seen as more as an ancillary benefit than it being a sole purpose - and last but not least it was a way to get back at the Japanese due to Pearl Harbor. This seem to be there only approach to ending the war but it was also said that there many alternatives that they could have taken. The after affects were so horrible that its something no one wants as a picture in their head. Many suffered from keloids, cancer, ptsd, a-bomb cataracts, leukemia, chromosome changes, exposure in utero and microcephaly, and genetic surveys. Many had to live with this in their day to day life. So many health problems occurred that there was no way to escape it. Many personal accounts mentioned the horrific occurrences that they witness. Many people injured beyond repair. People were so badly burned to the point where they became unrecognizable. So many knew their fate and feared of dying but eventually were succuming to the wounds that were inflicted by the bomb. Numerous amounts of people were exposed to radiation and were seriously wounded that it was impossible to take care of them all, leaving countless people to die. For those who did survive the bomb that day, large amounts of people would only die shortly

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