Why The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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Do you know how we, U.S citizens, elect our president? It’s not as easy as you think. In the U.S.A we elect our president in a way that is called the Electoral College system. The Electoral College system is a system where if the candidate running gets the majority of the votes from one state then they will be awarded all the electoral votes for that state. Electoral votes are a set number of votes that a state gives out to the winner of the popular vote of that state. Electoral votes are determined by the amount of congressmen that a state has. For example: California has 55 electoral votes because it has 53 representatives and 2 senators, while Maine only has 4 electoral votes because it has 2 representatives and 2 senators. Which mean your vote could end up not counting. This is why the Electoral College system needs to be replaced and changed to a popular vote of the citizens of the United states of America. The Electoral College system does not accurately reflect what the nation wants, it is unfair to the independent party, and some states will not get any attention from some candidates. We cannot have someone winning the popular vote, but…show more content…
If one candidate wins California by 1 vote and loses Maine by 1 million, that candidate would have 999,999 less votes but still be up 55-4 in electoral votes. In what way is that at all fair for the candidate that won Maine? The Electoral college system make smaller states like Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island almost useless. Even if the candidate that won the election won the popular vote, that candidate could have only won the election by a little bit and won the popular vote by many votes. Why should he and the people have to worry about the election when it really should have a blowout? Why give the candidate that doesn't even get close to as many votes as the other candidate the chance to come close, almost pull through, and even

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