The Importance Of Globalization In Latin America

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Because if its history, Latin America has been portrayed to be an unstable and confused, politically and economically. Corrupted business, unstable incomes, and cheap labour are some of the characteristics that the world perceptions of Latin America. During most of the 20th Century is when Latin America began suffering from consistent fluctuations in the government and resulted in political instability. Of course this affects the way business is conducted, taxes, and general incomes. At that time, European countries and the U.S ran most of the Caribbean islands. It wasn’t until after World War II that they gained independence. In 1929 the stock market had collapsed and caused a world wide economic crisis. This also affected Latin America’s political and economic state and they suffered tremendously. After WWII and the crisis, they shifted toward a democratic form for governance, and multi-party states. Colonies gained independence or were absorbed into their mother country. Later these colonies became self-governed or independent. Today, Latin America stands as multi-party states that lead the most common political government.…show more content…
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