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Partisan Politics A partisan is someone who shows favoritism to something specific. Merriam Webster defines it as a firm adherence to a party, faction, cause, or person;especially: one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance . Therefore Partisan Politics is made up of people who are partial or favoring to one government party or sect. In the early Republic drastically different views of how the government should be run began to emerge. Alexander Hamilton believed that our new country’s federal government should be more powerful. Hamilton particularly advocated for the creation of a national bank that would establish fiscal policy, institute credit, and standardize a national currency. Meanwhile, Thomas Jefferson and House…show more content…
It was also made up of the people who were part of the Republican Party. The Whig Party was started in 1834 as a reaction to the policies of President Andrew Jackson. Several of those who made up the Whig Party were his opponents. Whig was a name chosen as in honor of an English anti monarchist party who fought for independence, and because Whig was a label of people who identified as opposing tyranny . Even though Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were without a doubt the leaders of the Whig Party, neither was ever able to become president. Henry was their most prominent leader, as he formed the party. Detailed studies of the Whig party in the states and biographies of such Whig leaders reveal dissimilar policies from one state to another and important differences in the character, beliefs, and actions of the leaders. (History.com, 2009). Clay did run for office, but he lost miserably. He became vulnerable to allegations made by Jackson of his association with the rich. These made him very unpopular with the voters, who were mostly common men with no property. There were however four Whig party president in its existence. William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, were two Presidential candidates from the Whig party. Both died in office. Harrison was a war hero who had given up a life of luxury to live in a cabin. Taylor was also a war hero. He was a former general with multiple victories no real political beliefs. John Tyler became President after Harrison's death, but was expelled from the party. Millard Fillmore, became President after Taylor's death and was the last Whig to hold office. John Taylor's acts as president showed that he was willing to support nationalist policies as long as they did not infringe on the rights of the states. He found the Whig platform unconstitutional and lost their support. Millard was among the first to join the Whig party. His presidency however, conflicted with the

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