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Mozart’s Clarinet Inspiration Samu Jarvela MUHL-2301-001 Cimarusti Throughout history, there have been many improvements and innovations for the clarinet. However, there are two people whose collaboration "takes an important place in the development of the instrument and its future repertory.” Drawing upon evidence found from scores of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's clarinet concerto and the history of Anton Stadler as well as Mozart, I will argue that Mozart was influenced by Stadler's specific style of playing and wrote his concerto for Stadler based on that. Anton Stadler was born on June 28, 1753 in Vienna to Josef Stadler. Josef himself was a musician, which would affect Stadler’s musical life. Anton Stadler became a well know clarinetist during his life time, due to his father’s excellent training. He frequently appeared on many programs since he was at the age of 20, and has had many experiences performing with his clarinet. These performances along with his mastery of the clarinet made him to be regarded by many as one of the first clarinet virtuosos. He was also described as an “accomplished clarinetist and basset clarinetist, on which difficult instrument [he has] perfected control of tone-production, nuance, expression and facility.” One specific instance of his clarinet…show more content…
The entire concerto is flooded with many similar passages that suggested the true playing ability of Stadler. His technical prowess, combined with his beautiful tone and musicality was able to convince his friend Mozart to write the clarinet concerto for him. Through the analysis of the score for the concerto, there was enough evidence to prove the virtuosity of Stadler as well as the choices that Mozart made in terms of what suited Stadler’s playing

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