Pros And Cons Of Presidential Debate

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The term ‘debate’ is commonly used to refer a dialogue between two or more parties to get to the right evaluation of an argument. On the other hand, presidential debate is a completely different term. In a Presidential debate there is a dialogue among the opposing candidates who argue to prove their position and unlike regular debates no decision is taken at the spot. Voters can also ask different question from the candidates to get the right understanding of their political agendas. Therefore, presidential debate is more like a coverage or appearance of the candidates on the media in order to attract the voters and show their strength. In general presidential debates are conducted to differently serve candidates, popular culture, voters and the political system. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the presidential debate. Since presidential debate is depicted as a mega event on the media and influences the attention of pop culture. Consequently, presidential debate manages to get the interest of huge audiences and viewers. Moreover, taking in the view of Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates in 1960, debates strengthens or weakens the position of a candidate and also highlights his image. Therefore it can influence the expected outcome of the polls. Likewise with the…show more content…
Since the majority of the people have already decided by the time of debates, therefore debates get the audience of followers more than the common people. Then no one cares about the debates as such. Besides if a presidential debate can manage to make an impression then it cannot last long due to the impacts of other political events or campaigns. Moreover, presidential debates can easily lose their importance if the candidate is already leading with a huge support. Common examples are the elections of 1996 and 2008 in which both the Democratic leaders won by a huge lead without any effect of

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