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The Nation’s College The United States Constitution for the past 226 years, has protected United States citizens against tyranny and injustice. However, many say today that some amendments are no longer relevant in today’s society. One political issue many critiques argue that despite the positives and possible negative effects if repealed, the repeal of the Electoral College is necessary. For the past 8-24 years, issues similar to the Electoral College, have caused gridlock between Republicans and Democrats. One way to end the gridlock is to repeal the Electoral College. Many know of the Electoral College as a group of people elected from their respective states that vote for the president. However, the Electoral College is also a process ratified under the constitution. This…show more content…
“People choose based on what party the candidate supports and on the platform” (Asia-Pacific Economics). “Majority is considered 51% but this is obviously causing issues” (Huffington Post). 100 % to 75% majority should be the criteria for president but the Electoral College is maintaining a gridlock with the two-party system. If the nation cannot agree on a leader, how can the nation solve other worldly issues for the whole of the earth? Who really cares who marries whom or what, or that people are buying 30oz. sodas? What about the cracks and gaps in the well fare system, or the violent gangs in cities? “An edict of the Electoral College is that each state gets 2 votes regardless of population.” (Kimberling: Current Workings) However, there is not an equal distribution of citizens to electors in every state. “For example, New York has 32 electoral votes and approximately 19.6 million citizens that is a 612,500 to a vote” ( “Meanwhile in the District of Columbia there is 650,000 citizens and 3 electors” ( This is only one perfect example of the unequal representation in the Electoral

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