The Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

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Communism was spreading fast and each of the Cold War Presidents knew they needed to try to stop it. The Cold War was a time after WWII where many countries had different views on politics causing a great deal of tension. The American Anthem textbook says that George F. Kennan created the Policy of Containment to stop the Soviets from spreading communism to other countries (Ayers, et al 819). The first Cold war president, Truman, was also the first president to use atomic weaponry. He chose to drop the atomic bomb on Japan and tried to avoid the use of the military ever since. On the other hand, Eisenhower was a military general and was big on military service. Kennedy was a young president that brought fresh ideas for the country. While the presidents of the Cold War focused on containing communism in…show more content…
Truman’s Cold War policy revolved around economic aid and he even said “I believe that our help should be primarily through economic aid which is essential to economic stability and orderly political processes” in the “Truman Doctrine” (Truman). In the textbook, it talks about the secretary of state, George C. Marshall giving a speech about a program, known as the Marshall Plan, to help rebuild Europe economically. It also says that the United States spent $13 billion to help 17 different countries in Europe, including Greece and Turkey (Ayers et al 820). Truman said that after WWII, Greece was pressured to become communists. The United States was the only democracy that could help them get all the money and resources that they needed. Similar to Greece, Turkey needed money to preserve the nation’s values. Truman asked Congress for $400 million in order to help Greece and Turkey (Truman). The textbook

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