The Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

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Joey Askew Professor Elliot History 120 6 December, 2014 Comparitive Viewpoints The cold war was a definitive moment in human history. In this period we see a high influx off capitalism in the west and a high influx of communism in the east. World War 2 set the tone for decades to come, and capitalism was on the rise. The cries of yearning for democracy could only be silenced from the east for so long. The cold war began right after world war 2 ended, and there was dispute (at some conference) as to how the territory gained during the war should be divided. The western powers argued that conquered territories should be subject to repaying the cost of the war for decades to come. But at the same time the United States instituted policies to rebuild the European economy today known as the Marshall plan. These policies were strongly disputed by the East as a power play by the west to attempt to institute democracy as the defacto government. Russia at this time argued that Western Powers were attempting to overthrow communist control in their land. This was a valid argument seeing as they had conquered most of Eastern Europe. Because the allies had no…show more content…
The 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état would happen later that February in which the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia; with Soviet backing; assumed control over the government of Czechoslovakia, marking the onset of four decades of Communist dictatorship in the country. Stalin was a man who wanted complete control of Eastern Europe to himself. No matter what the cost. What he didn’t realize though, was that the cost was extremely high and would not be offset the by the Russian economy. One of the largest casualties of the cold war is the Russian economy. At the beginning of the cold war Russia was coming out of a war with Western Europe and militaristic industries were booming. However, as rapid as the war deflated the russian economy would as

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