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The paper deals with the effect of nickel (A toxic heavy metal) concentration, and its determination from water and waste water by “Dimethyl Glyoxime Method” Nickel reacts with dimethyl glyoxime in the presence of an alkaline oxidizing agent to form a characteristic red color complex Ni(DMG)2 which is measured visually and photometrically by using colorimeter. Key words : Nickel Sulphate, DMG, Iodine, Potassium Iodide INTRODUCTION "Pollution is fatal issue for man life, which is already generated by themselves. Due to progress in industrialization ,change in life style , tries to get maximum benefits ignoring nature resulting in higher pollution. Analysis of pollution done by so…show more content…
Prepared Nickel working solution of 100 ppm, from 1000ppm Nickel stock solution Sodium citrate solution; 25% an aqueous solution. For preparing 20gs of KI is dissolved in 5ml water to make 0.05 N iodine solution, then add 6.4 gs. of Iodine and diluted in to 1000ml water.1g DMG is mixed in 100ml. Liquor Ammonia and added 100-ml. distilled water. Now took 100 ml. sample, blank and standard of Nickel, covering the range of 1, 0.5, 0.05 and 0.03 ppm respectively in different 50ml volumetric flasks. Added 20ml. 0.5 N HCl, 10 ml of aqueous sodium citrate solution and 2ml. of Iodine solution in each flask and shake well. After adding 4ml.of DMG solution in each flask made it up to the mark with distilled water and kept for 20 minutes. Compared the colour visually and photometrically using a spectrophotometer of 470nm and measured the mg Nickel equivalent of the observed optical density. Result Table -1 Sampling Station Jan. Mar. May July Sep. Nov. S1 0.68 0.68 0.81 0.87 0.65 0.56 S2 0.91 0.81 1.01 1.82 0.87 0.78 S3 0.87 0.87 1.18 1.79 0.89 0.81 S4 0.62 0.75 1.23 1.38 0.83 0.60 S5 0.84 0.73 1.02 1.30 0.64 0.69 S6 0.68 0.84 0.99 0.99 0.49

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