Pros And Cons Of Trench Warfare Stimulations

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Trench Warfare Stimulations It has been known that individuals all have different styles to obtain information. They may range from auditory learners to visual learners. However, among these groups of individuals, there are those who tend to learn best when they can be up and active. These individuals are known as kinesthetic learners. The Trench Warfare stimulation would seem to be the best suited for those who have the preference to learn kinesthetically, due to the various life-like decisions. The player would produce movement and think about their decisions in the stimulation as they would in real life. This would be much better for them to learn in this manner than to sit in a lecture and take notes. I personally am not I kinesthetic learner. However, I still wanted to give this a try and see how well I could obtain information in a…show more content…
The scenario was given, “It is a beautifully sunny July morning. Twenty recently recruited Infantry divisions have been assembled behind your front line, ready to attack. The German trenches are heavily fortified and there is a tall parapet from which they are defending their front lines. Your mission is to drive the enemy back and take the parapet” (BBC). Planes, Gas, and Tanks were my defense weapons, the results were overall a success. This led me to the fourth and final mission. The setting is an August rainy day, it seemed that many previous days prior to this have been rainy as well. This produced the effect of a muddy battlefield. The goal is to drive the enemy troops back from their current position. The weapons used were gas, mines, and artillery. The men of my army were low in morale and the deaths of my men continued to increase. Unfortunately, the final mission was a failure. I had lost 45,000 men and 3 miles of territory (BBC). The mission ended with the major send a memo to the general. The message explained that the conditions are too poor to go

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