Why Is Adolf Hitler Bad

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Adolf Hitler Throughout history Adolf Hitler was not only known as a “bad man” and a “devil.” But the truth is, he was a man with emotions, that he didn't look deeply in. His intention was never to kill, his guilt and depression overpowered him to commit suicide. but he did have pro and cons of his leadership. Adolf Hitler had charisma and great leadership qualities, the information he was supporting was bringing sorrow and resentful actions. Many citizens hate Hitler for what he had done, nevertheless they should like what he did, what he did without perceiving it, had caused worldwide refine. Without the dreadful, cruelty and destruction Adolf Hitler had made, the world wouldn't of known the brutal, and disastrous consequences of despotism, socialism, and communism. It has also been theorized that if Hitler hadn't done what he done, the Jews would not have Israel today. Hitler caused worldwide reform and acceptance of the dangers of dictatorship, socialism, and communism. He also might have helped the Jews gain guardianship of Israel. Hitler did kill millions of people, especially Jews and…show more content…
Some believe he was a man that did good, in killing many people. These people are usually categorized under disliking Jewish citizens. There are also some people that consider him a “horrible, evil man”, from killing innocent people. Also there is too look at him as a person, with emotions that weren't taken care of that made him do things he wasn't necessarily proud of, since he did kill around 6 million people. Hitler considered a “perfect person” with Blue eyes, blonde hair, and to be german; and as you can see Hitler was none of those characteristics. Therefore he was generally very insecure, and didn't carry self-love. Although most of the world considered him evil, he did have many huge military victories. He is definitely a large historical figure, even though its not for positive
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