How Did Cyrus The Great Exist

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Imagine you are getting ready for war. You are getting chills down your back, while you're placing the cold, rusty metal armor on your stomach. Cyrus the Great has entrusted you with a spear and a shield to go up against the ferocious Babylonian empire. You may not survive. You then realize that you are risking your life for someone you’ve only heard about but never met. Is your life worth risking for someone who may not even exist? Indeed, Cyrus the Great of Persia did exist. He built a huge empire that was almost indestructible and conquered many countries, including Babylonia. Though many people from his army did not know him personally, they still trusted him. He was born into a royal family. His father was Cambyses of Persia, and his mother was Mandane of Media. His birth united the two tribes. “Cyrus,” in Greek means sun-like. Cyrus the…show more content…
When Cyrus the Great first became the ruler, his wanted power over the Mediterranean coast and parts of Asia Minor. He set a hard goal but didn’t rush to do it in the first couple years. Instead, he conquered the easier armies first, to strengthen his empire piece by piece. When Cyrus the Great first set his goal, Babylonia, Lydia, Egypt, and Sparta all teamed up to try to defeat the empire and to kill Cyrus the Great. According to Cyrus Sorat, “When he heard of this alliance he already retreated to the east to conquer Drangiana, Arachosia, Margiana, and Bactria. He built towns there to defend themselves from other armies.” ( Later, after his eastern victories, he headed back west to invade Babylonia. Then, he annexed the Chaldaean empire, and arrested Nabonidus, the ruler of Babylonia. Cyrus the Great conquered many empires and held many titles. Cyrus the Great yearned for power and control, but he didn’t just wait for armies to attack so he could fight them off. Cyrus the Great worked hard for what he got, and he got what he

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