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Objective : The objectives of this assignment as stated as follows: I. To define the definition of balance of power. II. To identify the method of balance of power. III. To study the history of World War. IV. To describe the pro and cons of the balance of power. Scope and limitation This assignment is conducted in order to study on the definition of balance of power itself. This paper also provided the method on how to balance the power in the international relation of the world. The limitation of this assignment is only on the historical of the coming of balance of power and what the benefits and the bad side of balance of power. This assignment was limited in their subtopic as this paper only covered on war and how the world…show more content…
In fact, method of balance of power has seven methods which is crucial in order to make balance of power really applied in the worlds politic. In addition, many big countries use these methods to make sure they are secure enough and can maintain their national security. They also use such method in making their international relations with other country. It means, the method used by each country depends on their national interest or their national policies. First major method of balance of power is compensation. In a simple word, compensation can be defined as, if you are a great power of country, you may expend your territory. The best way you can take over a country without any official works is to put your army in the small country. With this action, you can easily spread your power. But the, this method had been categorized as dangerous for the world balance of power. In the 17th and 18th centuries this method was regularly used for maintaining a balance of power which used to get disturbed by the territorial disturbance of any nation. For examples the three partitions of Poland in 1772, 1793 and 1795 were based upon the principle of compensation. At the same time, Austria, Prussia and Russia agreed to divide Polish territory in that way that the distribution of power among them would be approximately the…show more content…
An alliance means that relationship that relay on the same interest or ideology. Basically, alliances will rarely connecting two or more major power country. It is normally one super power and the other country is small or middle power country. This is due to the feel of secure itself and the willingness to have more supporters by conquering another helpless country. In fact, most of the alliance was being formalized in written form treaties. This is because, once it is black and with, the involved country will feel more securing. In post-1945 period, alliances like NATO, SEATO, and Warsaw Pact emerged as devices of Balance of Power. The first two were established by the USA and the third one was organized by the erstwhile USSR for strengthening their respective power positions in the era of cold war. The next method is Intervention and Non-intervention. Intervention can be define as the internal affairs of another state with a view to change or maintain a particular desired situation which is can bring harm or useful to the competing opponents. Intervention mostly it is used by a major power for regaining an old ally or for picking up a new ally or for imposing a desired situation on other states. British intervention in Greece, the US intervention is Grenada, Nicaragua, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, and (Erstwhile) USSR’s interventions in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Afghanistan can be quoted as examples

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