The Pros And Cons Of Stress

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What is Stress? We often find ourselves in situations where the list of things to do seems endless or in situations like the night before exams without much preparation or in a situation where the deadlines are approaching but little chance is there to complete the deliverables. In situations like these we find ourselves saying “OMG, I am so stressed!!!”. But what “Stress” really is? Stress starts mainly as a feeling and followed by a reaction to certain situations in our lives. Its primarily a physical response which is actually the body’s way of making the person more alert and ready to handle a certain threatening situation. Put in simpler terms, stress is what you experience when you believe you can’t cope effectively with a threatening situation. If you see an event or situation as only mildly challenging, you probably feel only a little stress; however, if you…show more content…
More specifically, between Stressors and Stress Reactions. Stressors can be described as incidents or events or situations. For example, catching a flight or taking a test or exam. These stressors can be both physical or…show more content…
Let’s take an example, you are walking back to home after office. When you are close to your house, your neighbor’s fierce dog suddenly starts chasing you. All of a sudden, your physical and emotional stress level increases significantly. Your body’s intelligence helps you to escape the danger. Your heart rate goes way up, blood pressure increases, more adrenaline is produced and the body moves blood away from your digestive paths into the muscles as digesting food isn’t a priority at that moment. So, you eventually do escape and later take rest at home. After 15-20 minutes of taking rests, your body resets and begins to operate normally again. This is the wisdom behind the stress as stress helps us to tackle crisis moments and to escape dangerous

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