Absolute Values In Human Life

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Introduction During the interviews, I learned that even though people have the same religion, they still have different beliefs from one another. The responses the interviewees gave were similar when the questions did not need an answer based on their religion. When I asked the question regarding absolute values, all the interviewees said they value human life. When the questions needed an answer based on their religion, the answers were different. For example, when I asked the question concerning the existence of God, each interviewee gave different answers, based on their religion. None of the answers the interviewees gave surprised me because I expected them to have different answers. Each interviewee gave me a slight insight into their…show more content…
One value that is absolute for everyone is the value of human life. When someone is put into a situation where their life is on the line they will naturally have the instinct to do anything to get out of that situation. And even though people have committed suicide or want to commit suicide that still doesn't exclude the fact that people don't value life. My belief that there are absolute values is like the interviewees because they all valuable human life. There is such a thing as a tragic moral choice. I believe that when we are put in a situation to pick between two evils our conscience will kick in and we will pick the choice that is better, but as a Christian I would ask God what choice he thinks is better and I would pick it because the will of God is always good, but sometimes God does not interfere with the situation, so I use my conscience in that situation to pick the right choice. I don't believe in situation ethics because there is always a good choice that follows the rules in every situation. Like if someone is threatening you with a gun and you manage to fight him and take his gun and put him down you don't shoot him because he wanted to shoot you, you hold the gun on him and call the cops to help. There is always a right choice in every situation. My belief is like all the other interviewees because we all believe that there is no such thing as situation

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