How To Make A Good Decision Making Process Essay

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How to Make Good Decisions Quickly With so many options available these days for all kind of people, knowing what is right for them and what is wrong is a time-consuming process. It is difficult to decide on to one thing because the fear of losing out on the other opportunity is extremely prominent in most of the people. But too many options do not lead us anywhere other than creating more confusion. Hence, a quick and effective decision making is extremely important. The confusion from what color of dress one choose, to what career options to be considered or where to buy a house, are just a few examples of many critical points at which people are stuck while making a decision on to. There is no one who can say that whatever decisions they…show more content…
Fix a deadline: Decision making process is sometimes very confusing, the best way to make a decision is to set a deadline. Nothing more than five minutes should take time for a certain concern to be addressed. If the concern is big and serious then it should not go beyond a week's time. Setting a time frame saves lots of effort and process, also the mind functions quicker under pressure. For example, choosing an outfit for a party should not take much of your time, don't put too much effort into the thought process. While a decision of buying a house can take from a week to a month's time. Since it cannot be done again and…show more content…
Avoid thinking in past: Sometimes decision making is hindered because one tends to compare the situation with some past incident that happened. People tend to relate everything to their past, it is good to let go of the past concerns and take a fresh approach towards the situation. Analyse the problem as it is and avoid comparing too much with the past. For example, if a similar situation has been there previously and you your decision did not work the best, then it is good to learn from the previous mistakes maintain the courage to go ahead with a newer decision. A fresher perspective indeed will make an effective

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